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Join Us For Our February 18, 2018 from 4-6

  Sing, Dance, Praise, Meditate, Celebrate, Be Inspired!

This month we will focus on the element of water and explore its association with our emotions and wisdom nature available to be harvested through the transmutation of  confusion.

  In this gathering the participants are led into a mandala of dance, instructed in the subtlety of sacred movement and mudra. They learn experiential the philosophy, meditations, and visualizations of the traditional Tantric Buddhist practices of the 21 Praises of Tara.

No Experience Necessary

Contact Parvati for Phoenix Location Information, or 602-412-7386.

Please Note: Our meetings are a chemical safe zone ; no strong fragrances please.

For info. contact Parvati: 602-412-7386

Dive Deeply 

into the waters of Mother Tara's waters of deep Bliss and Joy.  

May All Beings Be Well and Happy! Om Tare!  

For more information about the practice please contact Parvati at


2 Local Meetings Monthly: 

1st Saturdays and 3rd Sundays

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June 25-27 2010 Grand Rapids Mandala Dance Report

This June Parvati, Penny, and Brenda traveled from Phoenix to Grand Rapids, Michigan for a magical and moving week-end of delving deep into dance and prayers, meditations and the warmth of a community full of sincerity and heart. Hosted by Beth and Bob the group gathered, as is customary on Friday night to enter into Tara's profound path. Dancing in the lovingly cultivated gorgeous garden we were delighted by the sparkle of fireflies and the charge of the gathering energy. All the workshop participants went home to do personal contemplation on the prayers and Praises of Tara and gathered Saturday morning to see what wild and wonderful things the day held. After dancing through the five families of the Buddha family wisdoms we settled in and decided which dancer would carry each of the 21 quality of Tara into the world. Our hostess very appropriately took True Refuge and her Beloved that of Protector, how appropriate! After some fancy footing and much learning all found their place and we danced, and danced, and danced some more with break only for feasting in the middle! Saturday evening we all went our own ways for nourishment, rest, and contemplation. On Sunday morning we gathered, prepared the space outside and in and with the corners of our hearts swept clean we made a precious and sincere offering as the rains poured auspiciously down all around. I was very touched to find the community so focused and willing even though it was new to nearly all of them . A special quality was brought to the event by the fact that so many of those gathered were family of either blood or heart. I felt very at home and had a perfectly delightful time, finding myself very rejuvenated by the high level of Bliss that abounded! We are already sketching out 2011's June dance plans. May All Beings Be Happy and Free!